The NanoBond Collection

The NanoBond Collection

4X harder than stainless steel.

Introducing the new innovation in stainless steel cookware. NanoBond is 400% harder than typical stainless steel and delivers 35% greater heat conductivity than other aluminium-clad cookware.

Thousands of titanium-based nano layers are bonded directly to stainless steel in a chemical-free process. The resulting cooking surface is exceptionally stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.

14 global patents and the highest standards of fit and finish.

In addition to its revolutionary cooking surface, NanoBond’s chef-inspired details elevate culinary performance to a truly exceptional level.

“The NanoBond pans really have an impeccable design. Not only the look of the pans themselves, but the ergonomics and their function in the kitchen are unparalleled. It’s something that is extremely comfortable to cook with – we cook with them quite often, and their design and durability ensures that they work with all types of items, whether it be something that is heavy or not, the heat distribution is always great.“- Chef Timothy Hollingsworth, Otium

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Molecular titanium is stick-resistant and remarkably easy to clean compared to other stainless steel cookware.

Heat-tolerant to 788º C – perfect for high-heat searing.

Flush rivets prevent food build-up and allow for easy nesting storage.

3-ply bonded stainless steel with pure aluminum core delivers superior heat conductivity and control.

Sealed and flared rims improve sauce pouring and cleanability.

Ideally weighted, ergonomic handles increase manoeuvrability.

NanoBond skillets provide 20% more cooking surface area than traditional skillets.