NanoBond Technology

NanoBond Technology

The first innovation to stainless steel cookware in over 100 years.

Hestan NanoBond offers a unique and patented titanium based nano-technology that creates thousands of superdense nano layers of titanium alloys bonded to stainless steel, allowing the surface to be 400% harder than typical stainless steel.

The result is chemical free and extremely durable cookware that is more resistant to staining, scratching, salt pitting and provides superior performance compared to stainless steel cookware.

The pure aluminium core also makes Hestan NanoBond 35% more conductive than other stainless steel cookware, resulting in faster heating and superior heat retention.

Engineering Excellence

By blending innovative technology with culinary expertise, Hestan NanoBond redefines the culinary experience for professionals chefs and home cooks alike.

I’ve seen firsthand how much time and thought have been invested into developing the NanoBond line, starting with its very first prototype in 2014. The Hestan team’s commitment and drive are clearly reflected in their cookware.” – Chef Corey Lee, Benu

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