As a company, Hestan is built upon a shared love of food and innovation. From what you cook on to what you cook with – even the wine to complement the meal – Hestan delights in the details of cooking.

NanoBond™ is born from Hestan’s longstanding culture of culinary innovation. Hestan founder Stanley Cheng pioneered hard-anodized aluminum cookware in the 1970s – the breakthrough that ushered in nonstick cookware.

We’re particularly proud to note that Chef Thomas Keller cooks on Hestan Commercial Equipment in the French Laundry restaurant in California.

Hestan Outdoor brings a meticulous new level of performance to the backyard with its heavy-duty yet delicately precise gas grills. The fully responsive Hestan Cue Smart Cooking system immerses you in a guided culinary experience featuring professional tips and restaurant-proven recipes.

Then there is the award-winning Hestan Vineyards, blanketed with cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, petit verdot and malbec. In addition to shaping the character of Hestan’s varietals, our vines supply many of Napa Valley’s top-tier wineries.

“The goal we set for ourselves is that if it is not innovative, it is not Hestan.” – Stanley Cheng, Founder