Restaurant critic Giles Coren puts Hestan NanoBond to the test

We’re delighted to be working with Giles Coren, The Times restaurant critic. Giles was the winner of British Press Awards food as well as the drink writer of the year.

Giles has also been named the restaurant writer of the year at the Fortnum and Mason Awards in 2016. Giles is not afraid to voice his opinion when it comes to food. As Giles himself puts it:

“I know what I like, and what I don’t like. If I don’t like it, I give chefs hell for it.”

Cooking his signature dish beef stroganoff, Giles puts our new innovative Hestan Nanobond range to the test. Giles shares in our passion for perfection as well as our insatiable appetite for fine food.

Giles was taught to cook beef stroganoff by his Mum who learned it in the 1970’s when it was a very fashionable dish. Giles also used to cook this dish at university to impress the girls and he cooks it now to the bafflement of trendy modern cooks who have never seen it before.

Follow Giles’ as he talks us through his culinary creation…bringing beef stroganoff in to the 21st Century!

Giles’ Beef Stroganoff


  • Rib eye steak, cut half about half an inch thick. Allow 3-400g per person.
  • Mushrooms (I like chestnut)
  • Onion
  • White wine or sherry or vermouth or brandy
  • Creme fraiche (or some cream soured with a squeeze of lemon)
  • Optional ketchup for colour and sweetness
  • Rice


Season the steaks an hour before, leave out of fridge but covered.

Chop the onions and get them sweating in a small covered pan over a low heat (they need to soften but not colour).

Chop the mushrooms and cook them in butter till browned then reserve in a bowl.

Put a teaspoon of nut oil in your best frying pan, heat it up very hot till vapour rises, swill it around and pour off excess oil. Put the steak in, press down, give it a minute at the most, flip it, give it another minute. Take it out. Should be browned on both sides. Do the next steak if there is one. Take it out. Let them rest for ten minutes.

Cook some rice.

Deglaze the steak pan with half a glass of whichever white, grape based booze you have chosen. Allow alcohol to cook off but don’t reduce too much. Half a minute will do it. Put the sweated onions and browned mushrooms in.

Slice the steak(s) horizontally into strips 1cm wide. Lob ‘em into the pan. Let it all sit there for a minute on a low heat while I have a think.

Okay, turn off the heat and stir in a good tablespoon or two of the crème fraiche or soured cream. (Heat needs to be off or it might curdle). You should get a mushroomy coloured pale beige sauce. Taste it for liveliness and add salt and pepper accordingly. Perhaps a squeeze of lemon if it needs it. At this stage I sometimes add a SMALL squirt of tomato puree or ketchup for that 70s colour and tang but some think that an abomination.

Serve the stroganoff over the rice. With some green beans because they look nice and the whole thing is pretty rich and brown and can do with the relief.

Goes nicely with a glass of claret.

Giles Coren - beef stroganoff